Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Waste bottles???

One weekend I was free, so I headed straight to the near by nursery Varitey Growers, By seeing their collection I couldn't stop buying most variety or plants and herbs. When I came back I realise I dont have much container... Darnnn I cant go back again and spend money on containers, I looked around and this what i found TaDa

I gather all the materials and tools to get started.

Ready to get sprayed
Yeah, I am ready, bring it on!!!

Nailed it completely in to the wall

The second one goes next, I am up

At last I am ready, bring the plants in

And with CoKe Bottles, I made two set (yes I am addicted to Coke Zero). One for indoor and another for outdoor herb garden>>

All set to dry

I am the indoor one..

My inverted coke vertical herb garden

Now The final showdown of Indoor>>

So If you are lazy and dont want to spend money on those expensive container in the store then get start  and be creative, make use of every thing around and every inch of space for gardening

Hope you like it

Happy Gardening


  1. great the blue ones

  2. Hello Choyee,

    Nice to see you back ! Can you tell us more about watering plants in this method?

    1. Can have your intro before giving more info on the same, just will be comfortable to address you easier. Hope u understand

  3. I'm Rexlin. Blogging here:

  4. Hi, I like the container garden not only in flower growing but also in kitchen plant. Thanks for sharing you knowledge.



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