Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Water Garden - Redesigned

When the day my Water lilly stood in my small pond majestically, I thought its time now to redesign my water garden. Yes, I abandoned it for few months and resulted in no flower. As i started taking care its started to bloom and now its third in a row. I miss them now as I have come to US. Though I didn't get much time to publish before coming US, i thought better be not late.

Here goes my new water garden - cozy and peaceful.

I did some googling in and around bangalore for water plants at last i ended up having three other. I added  two variety of fishes to the pond - Molly and Goramies (yes, indeed in different ponds not in same.)
Another two varieties are water chestnut and water hyacinth, even though they are weed I have added to my collection.

Happy Gardening

A Visit to Lalbagh, Bonsai Garden.

It was in last month I took time off to visit one of the Big garden we have at Bangalore  - Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Being in Bangalore for almost 10 years I never took time to visit this place. At last I did. There were lot of concept garden, I was very much interested in Bonsai Garden. There are more than 50 Bonsai plants and not less than 35 years age. I was so dumbfounded to see so much in one place. But couldn't see all as it started raining heavily.

The below pictures, I took from the local nursery around.

Happy Gardening


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