Monday, 5 November 2012

Jade in Kokedama... a perfect gift than flowers..

Yesterday I was in super market with my friend to pick some flowers to my another friend (for their house warming ceremony). As I was picking flowers my friend just looked at me and said, why do you want to give these cut flowers where as you can pick these plant which will be forever.. I looked at him and I just picked some Jade plant and Made these two beautiful kokedama out of it.

I made one as tabletop for their living rom and another as string garden new their porch.. They loved it totally. This happened 6 months back and still the plant is doing well..

Then I realized, if you can gift your friends a plant you are not only giving a plant but you are encouraging having green in their small space.

Between Jade is considered as Money plant in Fengshui, If you go to any Chinese store you can see them near the entry way.

Happy Gardening


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