Thursday, 4 October 2012

Garden Accents, from my collection>>

I love decorating my garden not only from plants but yes with other outdoor accents, I am crazy bt these wind chimes, I have few picture right will upload some more from my collection. Its a delight every evening when it makes a slight and mild music.

Hope you like it :)

Everytime wind blows, this biddy dances (shakes it head) with the tune of the chime

This left one, make absolute mind blowing sound, love it!!

Yeah, I love rooster, specially this one, picked it for very cheap from street vendor

My little assistance, who does nothing but stare at me all the time ;)

This one is a solar, ever night the insect glows>>

My first ever wind chime, it got broke but fixed it, still going strong and making amazing sound

It's so adorable, don't you think?

I picked it from New Delhi

Some from fab India and other lamp holders from Old Delhi

She wants to be in the middle always

Yeah, I do have water Garden as you know from my previous post

More to come stay tuned

Happy Gardening

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