Thursday, 20 October 2011

Small Space - Big Garden

I belong to a small city in south india. There the concept of garden means big but unplanned traditional way. We had and having almost all kind of plants - shrubs, veins/creeper/climber, Tropical plants, Trees, flowering plants but no water plants.

But now a days in a busy city and with hectic schedule, time and the space is a huge constraints too. Time permits but not the space. Size is indeed relative when it comes to garden specially in an a apartments and even not having enough place for garden. It is difficult to grow all the plants we get tempted.

There are as many solution as there are gardens, but we compromise either with no garden or with containers in a line. If we use imagination as device and put in reality guess even small space can turn into a small garden room.

The less space you have, the more important is to designing your garden and which style your garden should have. The secret of beautiful garden lies in the maintenance, if you enjoy gardening then you wont feel it as burden. But for working people specially finding the time to properly maintain the garden.

This is where small garden works wonder.

A miniature garden which pleases everybody, with a little land you can create your own small green room. There are wide concepts of garden for small spaces - Container Garden, Vertical Garden, Water Garden and you can even try Japanese and zen style design.

Depending upon space and your personality you can chose the design. Adding some furniture and garden accents, you can leave a personal touch.

Happy Gardening

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