Saturday, 8 October 2011

My new Water Lilly

From last 4 months I waited for this water lilly to bloom.

Even though part of this plant (I mean the parent bulb) started blooming early. I tried to do a small research and consulted my gardner on the same. We just need to follow few basic simple steps.

1. According to Vastu/ fengshui the water must be in north of your house or work place. It may include water storing tanks, aquarium and pond. Plan accordingly and arrange as needed. If you have a balcony or patio you can get a medium or large size plastic or cement container.

2. The Lotus or Water Lily are generally found in ponds under direct sunlight. Accordingly select the place where there will be least 4hrs of direct sunlight.

5. You can even put Lavender oil and Neem Oil to get rid of the flies as it attends to get attracted to the water and plant.

6. Decorate your pond with some marbles, seashells's and even fish to keep it clean. And as you know fish brings calm and peace too.

7. You can give a dramatic look by adding some outdoor accent like frog, snails and even solar light too.

8. Just enjoy the view like i did when she blooms.

Please do leave comments and correction if needed.

Happy Gardening :)


  1. Every stage of watching it!

  2. love the lillies....try some more water plants....water orchids ,water gingers,water heleconias ...i wish u were in mumbai iv got a pond here to ....40 varieties of water plants grow here

  3. i loved your pond
    Even i want to keep a pond on my window
    but sadly there is no sunlight coming in
    can you suggest any other lily or lotus
    which requires less sunlight



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