Monday, 9 June 2014

Re-Located and re- designed: My Lil pond to now pondrium..(Pond+Aquarium)

Hey all,

Lately I got super busy with my photography adventures, my work and the relocating in india left me with no time to login to my blog. All settled and here I am back to share my redesigned aquarium + Pond..

The idea behind.

In my previous place i had a good terrace for gardening but now with two balcony I had no other option than planing small space gardening with my current (huge) set of container. As the current balcony faces east,  so its really hard to deal with, direct sunlight form algae. Even though the water is clear, I need to clean the glass from inside two times a week. But rest its relaxing to watch my fish and the Lilly every morning sipping a cup of tea ..

Without delaying.. Here is my new improvised pond+aquarium..

I tried with different container and at last i settled up with the custom glass container. I have different colored guppies and gold fish, with adding filter, it may look like aquarium but for me its more water container. I have peach water Lilly.. Planning to add one more container in my balcony.

Do share your design if possible.

Happy Gardening,


  1. Impressive container, Choyee!

    As far as our design is concerned, we wanted a 'pondrium' ( my brother is a fan of this portmanteau you coined :) ) that imitates a natural pond habitat and hence is self-sustaining with hardly any human intervention. Last year, we set four such systems up in plastic tubs (UV degradation-resistant) but I believe they will look far better and probably last longer with custom glass containers like yours.

    I hope to post our design in our blog soon and share it here.

    I was wondering if you considered plecos as a natural scrubber for the morning light-encouraged algae growing on the walls of the container.

    1. Hello Balakumaran,

      Glad u r inspired!
      Yeah, even i was thinking of plastic or cement container, but as far as asthetic concern, i didn't bother to spend some super extra bucks for this.. I have covered the pther part and training sweet potatoe vine. I do have different fishes feeds on algae, as I dont habe filter, i avoid having plecos.

      Do share the link would love to chk ur container. Thanks!!

      Happy Gardening!
      Choyee :)



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