Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Happy New year to all...
New year.. New day.. New hope and my first new post...

Kokedama... OR String Garden...

Inspiration -  http://stringgardens.com

My tutor - Kimberly @ roseredlavender

In my previous post, I mentioned about Japanese ancient technique's on gardening and one among them is Kokedama.. It happened accidently to me to know this way of gardening.. Thanks to Kimberly, who thought me such a lovely way to gardening..

Here are my work on kokedama.. Please do leave a comment/ suggestion.

Materials you need>>

Happy Gardening


  1. Soumya,

    its really a nice and stunning post. believe me i love ur work. i just need to suggest you please guide me how can i find the Kokedama or what is the alternative of Kokedama. because i am interested in Japanese gardening.......:)

  2. Hello Assad,

    thanks for stopping by. you can make kokedama but there is no alternative for it.. If you go thru my previous post Japanese technique for gardening you can get ore info on it.. It easy to make kokedama, all you need is lil patience.



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